You Could Now Immortalize Steve Jobs’ Legacy By Owning A Property Near His Silicon Valley Home, For Rs 65 Crores


You could own a vacant plot very close to Steve Jobs' home in Palo Alto in the Bay area, for Rs 65 crores.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:
The legendary Steve Jobs. Image Credit - Wikimedia commons

The legendary Steve Jobs of Apple has a continuing legacy and if you are a fan of the late Apple Chief Executive Officer (CEO), then you have an opportunity to take forward his legacy in a different manner by immortalizing him in your scheme of things by moving into a property near his. For this, you would need to shell out at least $9 million (Rs 63 crores). 

Now, it is known that Steve Jobs, with family, lived in a classic-styled home in Palo Alto in California. At this point in time, the locality is reportedly one of the most sought-after and a 11375 square feet plot in the neighbourhood colony of Steve Jobs has now come up for sale and listed on Compass. This vacant plot is listed for a whopping Rs 63 Crore ($9 million). Also, the property is reportedly located really close to where Jobs had his home.  

If you are looking ta investments, and value technology as something close to your heart, you could help keep Jobs alive in the memories always. In addition to Jobs, Google’s Larry Page (Co-Founder) also has a home in Palo Alto in Silicon Valley.  

At this juncture, the above assumes value and cannot be easily dismissed considering the fact that things related to Steve Jobs have still continued to be popular. Very recently, the Apple 1 personal computer developed by Jobs along with Steve Wozniak went up for auction with fetching estimated to be Rs 3 crores (GBP 300000 ). This hardware was developed in 1976 at Jobs’ place, and online bidding for the Apple 1 is still active. If you believe in “old is gold”, then you could check out the Apple 1 bids at Christie’s.  

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