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How To Buy Mina Protocol? Mina Promises World's Lightest Scalable Blockchain At 22kbs

Mina Protocol is one of the latest cryptocurrencies launched and has become quite popular. Read on to know what is Mina and how to buy Mina protocol.

how to buy mina

Source: Mina Website

The cryptocurrency industry has really taken off over the past couple of years. People all around the world have started looking at Cryptocurrencies as a viable form of long term investments and short term trading. A new crypto coin called 'Mina Protocol' has been recently launched. Mina Protocol has a very unique feature that differentiates it from all other crypto coins in the market. Read on to know what makes Mina Protocol special and how to buy Mina Protocol. 

What is Mina Protocol?

All cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain. Blockchains are essentially very large-sized ledgers that record all transactions that happen on that blockchain. For example, the details of all Bitcoins ever purchased are recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain, which everyone who has a Bitcoin wallet, possesses. This ensures that there can be no stealing or corruption in Bitcoins, as every Bitcoin user has a record of every transaction ever made. However, the Bitcoin Blockchain is quite large in size. As per the Mina website, the Bitcoin Blockchain has more than 315 GB of data. Mina presents a unique solution to this problem.

As per Mina Protocol's website, the company has created a fixed blockchain size of 22kb with the goal to eliminate all the large space accumulation problems that come with all the other crypto blockchains. When the Mina Protocol blockchain size is fixed at 22 kb, anyone anywhere on almost any device can access Mina Protocol. As per their website, Mina is the world's smallest blockchain due to its fixed size. Moreover, Mina promises to provide scalability as the network grows without compromising on the data size of the blockchain. This is what sets Mina apart from all the other cryptos in the market. 

Where to buy Mina Protocol?

Mina Protocol was launched on March 23 and the company partnered with CoinList exchange to push their blockchain out to the public. CoinList is a popular cryptocurrency exchange where people can trade or buy cryptocurrencies. All you need to buy Mina is to register and verify your account on the CoinList exchange.

Once your account has been verified you can deposit money on CoinList and purchase Mina Protocol crypto. You can also the Mina Protocol Price on CoinList. At the time of writing this article, the price of Mina Protocol stands at 105 dollars, as per CoinList. Here is the official announcement by the MIna team about the launch and partnership with CoinList. Stay tuned for more updates on cryptocurrencies. 

Image Source: Mina Website

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