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Samsung Announces It's Shutting Down Its Cloud Storage Service; Here's All You Need To Now

Samsung Cloud services will no longer be available to users. Instead, Microsoft OneDrive will offer features like Gallery Sync and 'My files' backup.

Samsung Cloud to be discontinued, deadline to transfer data using OneDrive tool today


Samsung has asked its customers to move their files away from its cloud storage service as the company is making some changes in the services that it offers. Users are advised to back up 'My Files' and 'Gallery Sync' as soon as possible. Samsung also mentions that failing to back up the data might result in the permanent deletion of data that is stored on Samsung Cloud, but why is Samsung asking users to back up their data? Keep reading to know more. 

Samsung Cloud to be discontinued soon

On an official support page titled 'Changes to Gallery Sync, Samsung Cloud Drive and Premium Storage', the company informs users about changes that are being made to Samsung Cloud services in 2021, which include the replacement of 'My Files' and 'Gallery Sync' by Microsoft OneDrive. OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud-based storage solution. Additionally, Samsung has also warned users about the permanent deletion of data associated with the aforementioned features once the changes are complete. Hence, users around the world are given a region-based deadline to back up their data on Samsung Cloud. 

The services of existing users will be available till July 31, 2021. The features that are to be deprecated are Gallery Sync, Drive and Premium Storage Subscription. From August 1, 2021, the existing use of Gallery Sync and Drive will cease, and any cancellation of the ongoing Premium Storage Subscription will be refunded. However, users have to download their data until September 30. After that, any data left on Samsung Cloud will be permanently deleted. 

How to save the data in Samsung Cloud today?

  • Transfer Samsung Cloud data to Microsoft OneDrive 
  • Download Samsung Cloud data to your personal storage 

As and when users select OneDrive integration to transfer their data, they can continue to use the Gallery Sync and Drive features, which will save data to Microsoft OneDrive. However, the automatic transfer of the user's data from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive will be supported until July 31, 2021. If a user wants to download the data to their PC, they can do so before September 30, 2021. Additionally, the Samsung Cloud termination will take place in two groups, based on the geographic locations of the user. The members of Group 1, which include the US, UK, a major portion of Europe and Australia, have until the end of the day to use the automated Microsoft OneDrive migration.

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