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Lithium Reserves Found In Mandya, Smartphones & Electric Vehicles Could Get Cheaper

News of Lithium reserves of nearly 14,100 tonnes in Mandya, near Bangalore has surfaced. It could help develop Lithium cells & electric vehicles sector in India


Recently, researchers have discovered reserves of Lithium in a place called Mandya, which is approximately 100 kilometres away from Bengaluru. The discovery could potentially lead India towards building charging infrastructure for electric cars. It could also result in cheaper smartphones and electric vehicles as Lithium is the key component of batteries that are used in mobile phones and electric vehicles. Here are all the developments surrounding the story that have made rounds in the news so far:

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Lithium reserves found in India

According to reports, researchers at the Atomic Minerals Directorate have found lithium reserves of approximately 14,100 tonnes. The chemical element reserves have been found in a place located in Karnataka. What is important to note here, is that lithium is the most crucial element required for the development of lithium-ion batteries. These lithium-ion batteries are the source of power for all smartphones and electric vehicles.

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According to N Munichandraiah, the emeritus professor of the Indian Institute of Sciences, the present data estimates about 30,300 tonnes of Li20, which works out to an approximate figure of 14,100 tonnes of lithium metal. Li20 or lithium oxide is made into lithium-ion batteries and lithium metal. The lithium reserves in India which were discovered recently are spread over an area of 0.5 km x 5 km.

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Is this find significantly large?

According to the data provided by professor N Munichandraiah, though the discovery is a remarkable achievement for the country, it is not adequate. Professor N Munichandraiah says that the reserves discovered are not substantial in quantity when compared to the other nations with high reserves and high demand for lithium-ion batteries.

Among the other countries, Chile is estimated to have lithium reserves of up to 8 million tonnes while 2.8 million tonnes have been found in Australia. Argentina is reported to have lithium reserves of up to 1.7 million tonnes. According to the data, Portugal also has 60,000 tonnes of lithium reserves, which are substantially higher in number when compared to the lithium reserves in India.

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