300 'minor Planets' Discovered In Solar System Beyond Neptune


Minor planets present beyond Neptune were recently discovered by researchers, what follows now is the estimated presence of a lot more new celestial bodies.

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'Minor Planets' discovered: over 300 new planets found beyond Neptune

In a recent discovery, the bizzare existence of new planets in our solar system was put forward. In what looks like 'minor planets', researchers projected the presence of trans-Neptunian objects, objects found beyond Neptune along with many other discoveries.

Bizarre solar system

Already deemed otherworldly, solar system is an amazing place with bizarre and phenomenal objects and the possibility of new discoveries goes on and on. As published in the Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, a new revolutionary technique has been suggested in order to carry out the study of other celestial objects, alongside the discovery of the ninth planet and other new planets. 

Data collected from The Dark Energy Survey (DES), has led to researchers pointing out to the existence of not one or two or a dozen, but over 300 new planets located in the faraway areas of the huge solar system, including a 100 new other discoveries. Not only that, it has been projected that there could be a possible existence of even more planets. The study was accomplished by graduate student, Pedro Bernardinelli and professors, Gary Bernstein and Masao Sako. 

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Intensive Study

To understand the nature of dark energy, high-precision images of the sky were collected from 6 year records of data studies. The discovery was made possible with the help of it's depth and breadth of coverage of solar systems. 

According to Prof. Bernstein: "The number of TNOs you can find depends on how much of the sky you look at and what's the faintest thing you can find."

Twitter enthralled

Undoubtedly, the discovery of 316 TNOs and the other 100 discoveries were made following long tiring months of method-development and strict analysis. Netizens however, could not stop their excitement over the latest research and took to twitter to laud the existence the new 'minor planets' in our solar system.

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