Facebook's Dating App Seems To Have Already Fallen Flat

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In less than a month since its launch, Facebook Dating seems to have already lost its credibility. Facebook Dating users have been sharing negative feedback

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In less than a month since its launch, Facebook Dating app seems to have already lost the credibility. Many Facebook Dating users have started sharing their not-so-positive experiences on social media and that could mean only one thing: More power to Tinder! Facebook launched Dating app intending to take on Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps worldwide. But of course, Facebook also had another intention: Keep youngsters coming back to its platforms and win back their long-lost trust. Well, there have been various research findings that youngsters have been moving away from Facebook in favour of apps like TikTok and Instagram. Naturally, Facebook wanted to assure young users that all their expectations are met. And with the times, starting a dating app was seemingly a pefect idea to lure in the youngsters again particular looking at the massive popularity of dating apps like Tinder and others.

What's wrong with Facebook Dating

Some users have also been calling Facebook Dating 'trash' and believe it or not, most of the negative feedback from users is attributed to description and profile pictures of other users in the app. Some users have also complained about being recommended people who don't match their preferred interests. So as you can see, users have already started comparing Facebook Dating with Tinder and that's certainly not a very good thing for the social networking giant. While some users have expressed their disbelief in Facebook Dating, there are some users have also gone to an extent to call Facebook Dating '5 per cent less annoying than Tinder,' according to a report. Let's take a look at the feedback:

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How does Facebook Dating work?

Your Facebook Dating profile remains separate from the one on the main Facebook app. However, it will still allow you to tap your network of friends to identify “secret crushes.” Facebook Dating is a mobile-only service that’s free to use and free of ads. However, it can still help Facebook make money if it keeps people glued to its other services longer. Facebook insists it won’t use information gleaned from your dating profiles for advertising and says there won’t be ads on Facebook Dating.

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