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Netflix India’s “Fifty Shades Of Pankaj” Viral Tweet Seemingly Holds A Mirror To Digital Personas Of Netizens, Twitterati React Hilariously – Demand More Digital Details

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:

Netflix India seems to have struck the right chords as far as depicting the different moods of netizens across different platforms is concerned. The content streaming service has now tweeted the appearance of different faces of human beings across platforms such as a Facebook profile picture, on LinkedIn, on a Passport, and on other social platforms such as Tinder. 

Netflix India’s hilarious tweet goes by the caption “Fifty Shades of Pankaj” and depicts Pankaj Tripathi – renowned Bollywood actor in various moods in different films. The hilarious tweet also seemingly indirectly depicts the different digital moods of people while they get their profiles, –viz Facebook photo, Tinder profile photo, LinkedIn picture, and Passport picture, made.  

Check out this hilarious viral tweet below: 


Twitterati take note of “Fifty Shades of Pankaj”, demand “Aadhaar card + voter id images 

As soon as Netflix India shared the above tweet, Twitterati did not allow any time to lapse in their response to the tweet, check out hilarious reactions below (to the “Fifty Shades of Pankaj” tweet by Netflix India): 







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