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Tinder India Announces Multiple New Features On Its Dating Application; Read Details

Tinder Explore section will allow users to explore matches on the platform based on users' interests and activity on the platform. Read for more details.

Tinder India will launch new online experiences on its dating application


Tinder is going to add a new Explore section in its app for India. Along with the Explore section, the company plans to introduce multiple new experiences for the dating application. For instance, profiles will not be arranged by user's interest, and users will have more control over their interaction with other people on the application. Keep reading to know more about the changes that are about to come to the online dating application. 

The Tinder Explore section will allow users to explore matches on the platform based on users' interests and activity on the platform. It is similar to how social media applications display content based upon users' preferences and browsing patterns through machine learning. Additionally, there is a new photo verification feature as well, which will enable users to authenticate their presence with real-time selfies, which will then be compared to the profile photo for the discrepancy.  

Tinder to introduce new online experiences called Hot Takes and Swipe Night 

One of the biggest paradigm shifts for Tinder users will be talking to people before getting a match for the first time. The feature that would enable it is called Hot Takes and will allow users to chat with someone in a quiz about popular culture and other opinions. The experience would be based on a timer and users will be able to decide whether they want to match with the other player or wait to chat with someone new. More details about the feature will be available soon. 

On the launch of the new features, Renate Nyborg, CEO of Tinder says that "A new generation of daters is asking for more from us in the post-Covid world: more ways to have fun and interact with others virtually and more control over who they meet on Tinder." New features coming to the dating application along with the Explore feature include Hot Takes and Swipe Night. While the Explore and Hot Takes feature will be available in the Tinder application soon, the Swipe Night application will be available in the Explore section by next month, i.e. November 2021.