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US President Donald Trump And Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Discuss It Out In A Meeting: Any Guesses On The Outcome Of This Exchange

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • US President Trump and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey met
  • Discussion revolved around multiple Twitter and social media aspects

In an interesting exchange, the President of the United States of America and the Chief Executive Officer of micro-blogging site Twitter, Jack Dorsey, met each other and had conversations related to the latter’s Twitter.  This meeting assumes significance because the fake news problem on social media needs tackling on war footing and now multiple countries of the world head into elections including the world's largest democracy India.  

Confirming this meeting with Dorsey via Twitter, President Trump hinted that enough light was thrown even on the world of social media in general, along with that of specific Twitter aspects. This means that there is every possibility that this conversation could have involved at least one aspect regarding the problem of non-genuine content for which the originators are totally responsible whilst Twitter can only take technical measures to check the spread of fake news.  

On his part, Dorsey re-iterated his commitment to “serve the entire public conversation”. Hence, it is worth having a conversation with Dorsey regarding the initiatives-initiated form Twitter’s end as far as educating users – especially politicos with respect to caring for content specially during the election seasons. Check out what Dorsey had to say, in his acknowledgement tweet, below: 

This meeting reportedly lasted for nearly 30 minutes. Any guesses of what the outcome could be? It is certainly desirable to have a positive result from this meeting if social media channels like Twitter are to become a safer place from both a content as well as privacy perspective. 

At this juncture, Twitter has witnessed the appointment of Manish Maheshwari as Managing Director of its India operations. Would thiis appointment lead to special measures coming out in the regard of prevention of the spread of fake news and non-trustworthy information?  

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