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Zomato Clarifies Its “chai Obsession” Is To Recommend It To Everyone

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  • Zomato‚Äôs tweets about chai, of late, are to remind people to have chai and to recommend the drink
  • This clarification got netizens to respond hilariously

Zomato’s tweets about chai of late got netizens thinking about the online food ordering-delivery application (app’s) obsession with the drink. Now, Zomato has stated that netizens and its patrons should not be forgetting about chai (tea) and it expects people to have chai. A hilarious response, yet a response to its multitude of tweets either recommending or reminiscing having chai. This tweet has also gone viral and is generating hilarious responses from twitterati some of who have even been recommending (on a lighter vein obviously) changing of Zomato’s name to Zomatea. 

Zomato's tea obsession

Also, Zomato not too long ago had even tweeted an image with three cups of chai placed in an arrangement like the triple rear cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max Pro and said,” for less than Rs 199”. These iPhones have a staggering price tag varying between Rs 80000 – Rs 100000.  Now, the app has openly recommended chai. Check out below, both Zomato’s newer viral tweets and hilarious twitterati reactions. 




Finally, Zomato's recent job layoffs fluttered eyelids. But the company states that it is focussing on achieving "10X growth" and the creation of more number of jobs. This is strange considering the fact that the number of employees laid off reportedly amounted to more than 500 in its Gurugram office across delivery support, merchant, and customer support. In this regard, Zomato could even be potentially looking at enhancement of its existing services. 

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