Published 15:37 IST, February 9th 2024

Adorable Video Of Newborn Elephant Taking Its First Uneasy Steps Goes Viral | WATCH

Viral: The video appears to show that the baby elephant stumbles over the rough ground, not knowing where to put his feet.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
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Cute video of a newborn elephant taking its first step goes viral | Image: X

Viral: Animal life differs greatly from human life in many ways. Elephant calves can stand and walk within twenty minutes after birth, whereas human babies require up to eighteen months to learn to walk. Elephant calves can move so quickly that witnessing a baby elephant take its first steps is still quite the sight to behold. A video that was posted on X, the former Twitter, depicts an adorable elephant calf taking its first steps.

Adorable Video Of Baby Elephant

A newborn elephant in this amazing video takes its first steps almost right away! The video appears to show that the baby elephant stumbles over the rough ground, not knowing where to put his feet. It's obvious that the elephant is a first-time walker from his awkward, unnatural leg movements. While the shy baby elephant looks around to see who else is in the herd, a few of the adults encourage him to keep walking. After gaining confidence, the infant starts off walking slowly before picking up the pace. The baby elephant appears to stumble briefly before quickly getting back up and running off into the distance.


Baby Elephant: Weight, Other Details 

When a big African elephant gave birth, the other elephants gathered to greet the new baby. It was an amazing moment when the baby elephant started walking twenty minutes after he was born! Calves typically weigh 246 pounds at birth and are three feet tall. Nonetheless, some male African elephants may be born weighing as much as 346 pounds. After giving birth, a newborn elephant's mother and the other females in the herd usually assist it in standing. The infant is then assisted in nursing as soon as possible by the female elephants in the herd. An infant elephant may walk on its own and join the rest of the herd within 48 hours after birth. 

The video has garnered immense appreciation and affection from the internet community for these gentle giants. It has received a tonne of comments, over 944k views, and 21K likes. 


12:15 IST, February 9th 2024