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11 Students Injured After Science Experiment Goes Wrong At A School In Australia's Sydney

In Australia, on November 20 a classroom science experiment went gone wrong at a school in Sydney and injured as many as 11 students and one teacher.

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A classroom science experiment went wrong at school in Sydney, Australia, injuring 11 students and a teacher. As per the first respondents (paramedics), two of the students of the Manly West public school were rushed to a hospital with serious burns whereas the other 9 students and a teacher were injured with superficial burns. The teacher was admitted to the hospital in stable condition, while the nine injured students were admitted to the  Royal North Shore and Northern Beaches hospitals. 

A science experiment goes wrong in Sydney school

According to the local news outlet 9news, fire trucks, paramedics, and helicopters were seen responding at the site as soon as multiple calls for help were made from the area of the incident. Initially, it was suggested that the experiment involved sodium bicarbonate and methylated spirits. The year 5 students took part in the science experiment to create a “black snake” or “sugar snake” with baking soda, a sugar mixture, and an accelerant. This experiment also involves mixing sugar with baking soda, placing a small amount of the mixture in sand soaked with methylated spirits, and igniting the concoction. "The winds had blown some materials around causing the injuries", said Phil Templeman NSW Ambulance Acting Superintendent.

The victims have suffered burns on their bodies, including the legs, lower abdomen, chest, and face, as stated by Sydney Morning Herald. After the incident, a school teacher came out and shared with the people who gathered outside the school. According to Tyson Atkins, "The teacher who addressed us said it was a science experiment that went wrong, and some chemical burns were involved." Further, the school authorities contacted the parents, and support was provided to the students and staff who were impacted by the incident. New South Wales education department, New South Wales police, and SafeWork  New South Wales will look into the incident and investigate. The local MP Zali Steggall tweeted after the incident, “Shocked to hear reports of an incident at Manly West Public School today. My thoughts are with the students and staff who have been impacted, and I wish them a speedy recovery.”

Tweet by Local MP, Zali Steggall


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