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Western Australia Launches New Scheme To Attract Workers From The UK

A western Australian delegation will be travelling to UK and Ireland this month in an effort to recruit almost 31,000 workers under the 'Ten Pound Poms' scheme.

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A state in western Australia is looking to hire workers from the United Kingdom and wants to "tempt them Down Under with a promise of a surf and sunshine lifestyle, high wages and a low cost of living". A western Australian delegation will be travelling to the UK and Ireland this month in an effort to recruit almost 31,000 workers under the 'Ten Pound Poms' scheme.

Australian Police and Defence Industry Minister Paul Papalia is leading a group of industry figures aiming to "steal British professionals to help fill vacancies across multiple professions, including teachers, nurses, doctors and police officers. Skilled mechanics, builders, plumbers and dentists are also needed, as well as people working in the hospitality and mining sectors".

According to local Australian media, Papalia said: “We are here to steal your workers by offering them a better life in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Western Australia is a fantastic place to live and work. Our wages are higher and our cost of living is lower. Our health system is world class. You will be taken care of."

“Most of Perth’s population lives a short drive from the beach, where parking is free. There are no tolls on our roads. We don’t have anything close to what would be considered a traffic jam by UK standards. And if you don’t want to drive, public transport is also capped. The most you’ll ever pay for a one-way ticket anywhere is GBP2.86. That’s all it will cost you to get a train from the airport to the city centre," she added.

“And we have free buses in our entertainment precincts and business district. Perth is a beautiful, clean and vibrant city, with food, bars, pubs and restaurants to cater to all tastes. If you’re into sports, you’ll love Perth. Our stadium was voted the best in the world. The culinary scene is world class, the small bars plentiful, we have pubs and live music and theatre of all sorts," she stated.

Daily Mail reported that Rachel Harrison, GMB National Secretary, said: "It's no wonder NHS workers are tempted to up sticks to another health service which pays better. The UK Government has allowed NHS workers' wages to fall behind, which is a massive factor in health service's record 133,000 vacancies and missed performance standards. If Ministers want to retain the best asset of the health service - the workforce - they need to talk pay now."

The UK Department for Health said the majority of UK-trained doctors and nurses, worked in the National Health Service (NHS). Arriving on February 25, the delegation will hold events and attend job fairs in London, Edinburgh, Bristol and Dublin in an attempt to sell the Australian lifestyle to UK and Irish workers.

What is the 'Ten Pounds Pom' scheme?

The Ten Pound Poms Scheme was introduced in 1945 to migrate Brits to Australia and New Zealand. Its purpose was to boost the economy after the Second World War.

In 1945, the Ten Pound Poms Scheme was a colloquial term to give British citizens a novel opportunity. It enabled them to migrate to Australia for the grand total of GBP10 (or around GBP441 today), with children travelling free of charge. The Pom Scheme attracted over 1,000,000 people from 1945-1972.

In 2022, almost 70 years later, Australia re-introduced the Ten Pound Poms Scheme to attract youths from Britain onto Australian shores. "If you are aged between 18-30 and dreaming of a life in sunny Oz, look no further than a price of a London pint." says the scheme.

There are some differences, however, from the 1945 Scheme in that the new scheme offers a GBP10 RETURN ticket. As a result, this means that a Britisher can live and work in Australia, with the guarantee of returning home.

Masterchef celebrity chef John Torode gave insight into the Scheme on Good Morning Britain back in 2022 week and explained: “The idea is you fly into South Australia, you work there and if you work in a rural area for more than 12 weeks, you can also get a second year of your work visa.” So, if you are between 18-30, you may be able to get a GBP10 ticket for an experience on one of the most beautiful terrains in the world.

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