Published 10:56 IST, May 8th 2024

Fact Check: Terrifying Video Of Tiger Viciously Dragging Woman After She Gets Out Of Her Car | WATCH

Viral Video: Over the years, numerous incidents of negligent behavior by tourists on wildlife safaris have surfaced.

Reported by: Pritam Saha
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Terrifying Footage Of Tiger Viciously Dragging A Woman After She Gets Out Of Her Car | Image: Republic

Viral: At a Beijing safari park, a terrifying tiger attack left a woman injured and her mother dead after they got out of their car to take a tour of the park. After the incident became viral online, we looked into its veracity.

The incident is not new, but it is real. At China’s Badaling Wildlife World, there was a tiger attack in 2016. It happened in a tiger safari park, where visitors may drive through and see a variety of exotic creatures in a natural environment. 


According to reports, the 32-year-old woman—who was only known by her last name, Zhao—got out of her car following a fight with her husband. A tiger leaped on her and pulled her out of the car, as seen in security camera footage. Why the woman exited the car is unknown to us. She walked outside because she felt car sick, according to her family, despite the Internet quickly accusing her of doing so following a fight with her husband. 

As shown in the video, Zhao exits the car from the right door, circles the front of the vehicle, and opens the left door. She suddenly looks behind her in shock, and a large tiger attacks her, taking her out of the camera's field of view in a matter of seconds. Following the woman, a confused man and an elderly woman leap out of the car and attempt to chase her. Zhao managed to flee (perhaps her mother had managed to divert the tiger's attention). We are unsure of the exact events that followed. But, another tiger attacked Zhao's mother, Li, who is 57 years old, and left her with significant injuries. In the footage, park rangers can be seen quickly responding to the situation, but Li passed away from her wounds before medical assistance could be given.


In the wake of the tragedy, Zhao was criticized almost globally. She sued Beijing Wild Animal Park after suffering severe injuries in the attack, claiming that the park was negligent and had not taken enough precautions to keep people safe. Compensation for medical costs, mental distress, and mother's death is sought in the claim.

Visitors were briefly denied access to the tiger enclosure, but it was later reopened. Although the matter is known to have gone to court, neither the verdict nor the woman's compensation are known. The park had stated that it would be willing to pay compensation out of "compassion," not because it was required to by law.


Over the years, numerous incidents of negligent behavior by tourists on wildlife safaris have surfaced. Furthermore, improper behavior towards tigers and wild elephants has also been reported in India.

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