Published 19:59 IST, April 30th 2024

Former X Employee Who Was Fired For Sleeping On The Floor, Joins Meta As Director Of Product

Esther Crawford, formerly with Elon Musk's Twitter, joins Meta as Director of Product, lauding Zuckerberg's vision and company culture.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
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Esther Crawford Joins Meta as Director, Praises Zuckerberg's Vision | Image: Instagram: esthercrawford

Esther Crawford, the former senior lieutenant at Elon Musk’s Twitter whose photo of sleeping on the office floor went viral last year, has made a significant career move. Crawford has announced that she is now working for Mark Zuckerberg at Meta, specifically as the Director of Product at Messenger.

“Some personal news: I’ve joined the Messenger team at Meta as Director of Product,” Crawford announced on Instagram on Monday.


Crawford shared that while she had explored several appealing opportunities, Meta was her top choice. She expressed her fascination with how humans interact through technology and highlighted Meta's unparalleled influence in this arena, connecting approximately 4 billion individuals.

In her Instagram post, Crawford praised the exceptional quality of the people at Meta and expressed admiration for Zuckerberg's vision and intensity. She commended Zuckerberg for making the company more efficient and less bureaucratic, emphasising her eagerness to contribute to Meta's fast-paced environment and ship innovative products.


Check out the post:

“I’m excited to learn from those who have been here for a long time, and the company is wonderful in so many ways,” Crawford remarked. She added that she is eager to bring her expertise and "quirky style" to Meta, emphasising that it's a special time to be part of the company as it pioneers the next generation of social experiences, democratises access to AI through its app family, and enables developers to build on top of Llama 3, the latest open-source LLM.

Crawford's move to Meta comes a little over a year after departing from X. She initially joined Twitter in December 2020 when the company acquired her video chat startup Squad.


Crawford gained attention as one of Elon Musk’s closest associates following his acquisition of Twitter in October 2022. Notably, she took charge of the subscription business Twitter Blue and publicly embraced Musk’s rigorous work ethic.

Despite making it through Twitter's initial rounds of layoffs, Crawford was let go in February 2023.


Crawford’s transition to Meta marks an exciting new chapter in her career, bringing her wealth of experience and innovative spirit to Zuckerberg's social media empire.

19:59 IST, April 30th 2024