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Afghanistan-US Peace Talks Paused Post US Decision To Extract Troops

Written By Ankita Chakraborty | Mumbai | Published:


  • US negotiators have been trying to achieve intra-afghan talks, urging the Taliban to communicate with the Kabul government.
  • In the trilateral meeting a joint statement was issued hoping for ceasefire, bringing peace in the warn-torn region.

Pakistan, China and Afghanistan has called for a withdrawal of foreign troops on September 7. The US and Afghanistan are attempting to move towards a peace negotiation. Henceforth, a withdrawal of foreign troops is to be conducted in an orderly manner. However, this was followed by insurgent attacks that killed an American soldier along with 11 other people. President Trump responded immediately, stating that all peace deals are off the table. 

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Taliban refusing to communicate with the administration of Afghanistan

The Taliban so far has refused to communicate with the Afghan administration. The administration is led by President Ashraf Ghani. The Taliban views Ashraf Ghani as a US stooge and have not conducted any peace talks with him. The US deal to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan however, will not be achieved unless there are an 'intra-Afghan' talks happening with the insurgents and Kabul. 

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Intra-Afghan talks 

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi talking about the recent developments stated that China and Pakistan are looking forward to peaceful negotiations between the Taliban and the US. Yi encouraged both the parties to have intra-Afghan talks to attain their goals. He further persisted to 'continue negotiations and to reach an agreement'. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Pakistan's Foreign Minister made a statement asserting that Pakistan 'will take measures to further manage our borders so nobody uses our soil against Afghanistan or other countries'. 

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