Thunderball Results For Feb 14: Check Winning Numbers

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Thunderball lottery winner gets a total sum of £500,000 which is not going to be shared by anyone. Read more about the Thunderball lottery results for Feb 14.

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The National Lottery, which is popularly known as the Thunderball Lottery, is drawn four times a week, which includes Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. There are a total of 9 prizes in every draw that includes prize money of £3 for matching the Thunderball alone to the jackpot of £500,000.

Thunderball winning numbers for 14 Feb 2020, Friday are 3, 10, 16, 8, 7. The Thunderball is 2.

If there is a possibility when multiple people match the five main numbers all the winners are given the Thunderball prize of half a million pounds. One can participate in the Thunderball lottery online or at authorised National Lottery retailers up until 7:30 pm on February 14.

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How to play Thunderball lottery

The first step is to choose your five main numbers from 1-39 and one main Thunderball number from 1-14. You can also decide to pick your own numbers and opt for a Lucky Dip. The participants can also use the number generator to create a random line. Then the next step is to decide how many lines you wish to enter. You can also put in up to seven lines on each play slip, and buy up to 10 play slips at a single instance. It is highly recommended to purchase your ticket before the cutoff time for that draw. The results will be released soon after the cutoff time. Wait for the results to come in. The draws can also be seen online by visiting the Thunderball results page straight after the draw.

Previous Thunderball results and numbers


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Thunderball Lottery Prizes

  • Match 5 plus Thunderball - £500,000
  • Match 5 - £5,000
  • Match 4 plus Thunderball - £250
  • Match 4 - 100
  • Match 3 plus Thunderball - £20
  • Match 3 - £10
  • Match 2 plus Thunderball - £10
  • Match 1 plus Thunderball - £5
  • Match 0 plus Thunderball - £3

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