5 Embarrassingly Comic Antics Of Pak PM Imran Khan And His Government

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The Cabinet full of idiosyncratic Ministers, led by Imran Khan himself has very often found themselves at the heart of social media trolls.

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Imran Khan

Imran Khan-led Pakistan government's antics have turned their country into a laughing stock. The Cabinet full of idiosyncratic Ministers, led by Imran Khan himself has very often found themselves at the heart of social media trolls. From the Pakistani Prime Minister claiming that Japan and Germany share a border to his Minister claiming that the  Hubble Space Telescope was sent to space by Pakistan's Suparco instead of NASA, here are four times when the vision of 'Naya Pakistan' became a standing joke. 

Imran Khan on Sidhu

A video that surfaced from the opening ceremony of Kartarpur Corridor showed Imran Khan taking a dig at Congress' Navjot Singh Sidhu. In the video, he was seen asking, "Humara woh Sidhu kidher hai" (Where is our Sidhu). 

His aides can be heard saying that Sidhu has been busy in his election speeches, adding that he might have gotten permission to visit Pakistan. Revealing how the Imran Khan's regime is using the Congress leader as a pawn against India, one of his aides say if India does not permit him, we will "make him a hero."

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Imran's diplomatic failure

Imran Khan broke diplomatic protocol at the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan. In a video released on June 13 by his own political party, world leaders could be seen entering the hall one after the other, the Prime Minister of Pakistan unceremoniously ambled in and brazenly took his seat while the entire hall was still standing to applaud for the various heads of state. 

Putting the reputation of Pakistan at stake, in visuals, it could be seen that Imran Khan looks around, then stands up, then again sits down comfortably while the World Leaders are still entering the hall.

Imran Khan's Minister on Kashmir's internet

Pakistan's Science and Technology Minister Fawad Choudhry, on November 15 said that he has reached out to the space agency of Pakistan--Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) to provide the internet to those in Kashmir.  Following this statement, Imran Khan's Cabinet Minister was brutally roasted by Twitterati, where most of them questioned his portfolio. 

He said, "Internet is considered a fundamental right nowadays. I have asked SPRACO to check the feasibility of providing internet to caged citizens of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir via satellite."

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Cat filter on Pak press brief

On June 15 this year, a live-streaming of a conference by Imran Khan's party PTI on Facebook, turned into a farce after a cat filter was accidentally turned on. With politicians wearing cat filters on their faces, Twitterati couldn't help but the question, "Who let the cats out."

The government later provided a clarification, saying that its social media team "is deemed to be the pioneers of social media in the country, stating that they probed into the 'Cat filter' incident.

Pakistan Minister gets shocked, literally

Pakistan Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid suffered an electric shock while speaking against PM Modi at a rally in Pakistan during the 'Kashmir Hour.' Pakistan's 'motormouth' Minister said, "We are aware of your intentions, Narendra Modi," and immediately after uttering the sentence, he got an electric shock in his hand, forcing him to discontinue his speech.

"Current lag gaya. Khair, koi baat nahi. Mera khayal hai, current aagaya," (I think it was electric current. Never mind. Modi cannot ruin this rally) Sheikh Rashid added as the crowd bursted in laughter during the solidarity movement. 

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