Hindu Girl Gets Kidnapped In The Southeastern Area Of Sindh, Pakistan

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Another incident of kidnapping was witnessed in the southeastern area of Sindh in Pakistan, wherein a young Hindu girl was allegedly abducted by Muslims.

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An incident of kidnapping was witnessed in the southeastern area of Sindh in Pakistan where a Hindu girl was allegedly abducted by Muslims and that resulted in the kidnapped girl's family claiming that their daughter was forced to convert to the religion of Islam.

A case of forceful conversion

The appalling incident talks about the case of Namrita Chandani, a first-year medical student from Ghotki town in the northern part of Sindh, who was discovered lying on a cot a month ago with a small piece of cloth attached to her neck while her room was locked from the inside.

In this case there were contradicting statements from the police and the victim's family. While the police stated that Namrita had taken her own life, the family refuted the claims by stating that it was a case of murder. 

According to reports, Namrita's brother, Vishal, a consultant in the field of medicine, said that the first round of investigations and check-ups showed that his sister was murdered. The mysterious circumstances under which Namrita died has raised a few eyebrows and led to people questioning whether it was a case of forced conversion or not. 

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Lately, cases of forced conversions have become a problem in Pakistan, bringing to the light the number of suppressions the country has been a part of in recent times. Around 1,000 Sindhi Hindu young girls between the age of 12 and 28 are kidnapped, forced to change their religion to Islam and married off at a very young age.

In another incident, a Hindu girl, Renuka Kumari, pursuing her graduation, was apparently kidnapped from the Institute of business administration in Sukkur and forced to convert to Islam.

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A resolution to protect Hindu girls

The Sindh Assembly together decided to pass a plan that demanded the illegal practices of forced conversions of Hindu girls come to a complete halt and that such activities taking place would be subject to serious consequences. The resolution was enacted after a couple of months when the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan noted that more than a thousand cases were reported in the country. 

According to reports, 75 lakh Hindus live in Pakistan and the majority of Hindus are found in the Sindh province sharing cultures and traditions with their fellow Muslims. The cases that have come to light, have showcased a pattern wherein girls who were forced to convert to Islam were mainly Hindus, Christians and Sikhs. 

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