Imran Khan Admits Pakistan Army, ISI Trained Al Qaeda, Justifies Links

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Imran Khan admitted that Pak Army trained terror groups to fight the Soviet in 1988s and still have links however, Taliban was created in 1994.

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Imran Khan

Imran Khan acknowledged that the Pakistan Army and spy service ISI trained Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda and other jihad organisations, on a global platform,

In a conversation with Council on Foreign Relations during his visit to the United States for UNGA, Prime Minister of Pakistan divulged that there were 'always links' between them, reiterating his admission. Imran Khan further uncloaked how there was a strife between the Pakistan Army after the Pakistan leadership did a '180 degree turn' on these terror outfits post the terror attack on New York Twin Tower, 9/11. 

He said, "The Pakistani Army, ISI, trained Al Qaeda and all these troops to fight in Afghanistan. There were always links between—there had to be links, because they trained them. Now, as I said, after 9/11, when we did a 180-degree turn and went after those groups, you know, not everyone agreed with us. Within the Army people didn’t agree with us. And so, as I said, there were more insider attacks in Pakistan." 

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This is not the first time, Pakistan Prime Minister has made an public admission over the links between the country's Army and terror organisations like Al Qaeda, who are responsible for multiple terror strikes across the world. 

Imran Khan on 'War on terror'

Reiterating his stance, Pakistan stated that joining the United States in Afghanistan was the 'biggest blunder' and shielding his country said that Pakistan should not be blamed for US' failures in Afghanistan. He further lauded US President Donald Trump's attempts for dialogue and peace deal.  

He said, "Pakistan, by joining the US after 9/11, committed one of the biggest blunders. Seventy thousand Pakistanis died in this. And on top of it, we were blamed for the U.S. not winning in Afghanistan. I thought it was the worst period for Pakistan."

"I do not think that it’s because of Pakistan the US has not been able to succeed in Afghanistan, simply because there is a history behind it. It was never going to happen. And fortunately—fortunately, President Trump has done, you know, by him forcing there to be a dialogue and then this peace deal, which was just about to be signed—this is painful for us," Imran Khan added. 

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However, Islamabad and Pakistan Army has always maintained a pro-Taliban stance, pertaining to their old links with the terror organisation, ever since its inception in the mid-1990s. Experts have opined that Pakistan has viewed the armed militant group, Taliban, as the 'legitimate representatives' of Afghanistan as opposed to the Afghan government, who has opposed to Islamabad's interference in Kabul. It has also been in public domain that the ISI's long history of involvement in backing and promoting terrorism, packaged as Pakistan's geostrategic interest.

Al Qaeda and Pakistan links

A meeting between Osama bin Laden, current chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Dr Fadl was held in the Pakistani city, consequently the terror organisation, Al Qaeda came into being on August 11, 1988 in Pakistan's Peshawar.  However, the Soviet Union started their withdrawal from Afghanistan in May 1988,  and the withdrawal lasted until February 1989 and five years after that, Taliban was formed in 1994.

Imran Khan during his address completely overlooked how Pakistan even till date continues to harbour terror outfits and designated terrorists including Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed on their soil. 

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