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Imran Khan Laments Isolation On Kashmir, Blames “Muslim States”

Written By Anilesh Kumar | Mumbai | Published:


  • Imran Khan has expressed his anguish over finding Pakistan alone on the Kashmir issue
  • He has blamed 'Muslim States' across the globe for keeping mum on the issue as 'they need India for business'
  • Pak PM also said that he would take this issue up in his upcoming address at the United Nations in New York

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again expressed his anguish over finding himself alone on the Kashmir issue. While addressing a crowd in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Khan said that the Muslim states across the globe have not spoken on Kashmir.

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Blames on Muslim-dominated countries

The Muzaffarabad rally was organised to send “a strong message to India” but PM Imran directed his anger towards the Muslim countries who have stood with India so far. Despite several attempts by Pakistan, the majority of Muslim countries have not spoken against India - a clear diplomatic drubbing for Pakistan. A series of phone calls to visits by their Foreign Minister failed to attract any attention from countries like Saudi Arabia which otherwise have business relations with Pakistan but distanced with the country on the recent issue showing solidarity with India.

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PM Khan contradicted himself 

Imran Khan started his speech with claims of “internationalising” the Kashmir issue and how his attempts have been “successful” but in the very sentence contradicted himself by stating that despite more than a billion Muslims living in the world, the Muslim States have not stood with him on Kashmir. In addition, he also shared the reason behind it.

“The Muslim world does not speak on the issue because they need India for business”, wailed PM Imran Khan. He also said that he would take this issue up in his upcoming address at United Nations in New York. Both India and Pakistan Prime Ministers would be addressing United Nations General Assembly later this month on September 27. The order of the address is yet to be decided i.e. who speaks first is yet to be clear.

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In a bid to convince his audience, Pakistan's Prime Minister also ended up making a factual mistake by claiming that 58 countries supported Pakistan at United Nations Human Rights Council. It is worth noting that the UNHRC has only 47 members.

Before the Pakistan PM address, its Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi briefly took to the stage stating that “solidarity with Kashmir” show soon turned into an event of provocation. He began his speech by reminding people how “this is a month of sacrifice”.

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