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Imran Khan's 'stand Up' Barriers: Pakistanis Say 'Modi Will Soar Over'

Written By Navashree Nandini | Mumbai | Published:

To massive embarrassment of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, as road in Karachi was blocked and people were agitated against the forceful attempts of Imran Khan in name of 'solidarity to Kashmir', a man says that there is no use of blocking roads as Modi will fly from above in an obvious reference to the Balakot airstrike.  As Imran Khan made Pakistan literally stand up for Kashmir, blocking roads and stopping people from doing their work to show solidarity to Kashmir, people got agitated. In the video below, people have been forced to wait and a security person is seen guiding the blockage of the road. A man is heard saying: 'What's the use of blocking roads, Modi will fly'. Watch the video below:

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Pakistan 'stands up' for Kashmir

Imran Khan on Monday held press briefing alleging atrocities against Kashmiris, issuing several statements on Kashmir including a bizarre move to declare himself as Kashmir's ambassador and to ask Pakistanis to literally stand up to show solidarity with the Kashmiris. As Imran Khan on Friday addressed the supporters at a protest site who were standing literally for Pakistan, he admitted that the world is not with Pakistan. Even after repeated attempts to attract the global community and desperate calls to head of states of various nations, to the utter failure of Imran Khan he admitted that world is not with Pakistan. He said: "When atrocities are done on Muslims then international community like the UN keeps quiet. The world is not with Kashmir, and I being the ambassador of Kashmir will raise its issue everywhere I go."

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In his address on Monday, Khan asked the people of Pakistan to stand up for Kashmir literally, every Friday between 12 to 12:30. He said, "We should give Kashmiri people a message that we are with them. We will do an event every week, in schools, universities and officies. This Friday, from 12 to 12:30, you must stop work and stand with the public to tell the people that we are with Kashmiri people. Those who are at home, should also get on the streets, so that people should know we are standing with them." 

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Imran Khan appointed himself J&K ambassador

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday has nominated himself as the ambassador of the Indian state - Jammu & Kashmir, according to his Party - PTI's official handle. Imran Khan did this act while he was addressing students in Pakistan's Swabi District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.  In the tweet, he claims that he will fight the case for freedom of Kashmir till the very end. In his address, Khan had also blamed his own cricket team's mindset for its defeat in the 2019 World Cup. 

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