Imran's Video Slamming Pak Army's 'crimes Against Humanity' Goes Viral

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Pakistan PM, who is spinning false narrative about Kashmir to gain international attention after its integration with India, had slammed Pak Army in old video

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Updated On:
Imran Khan

Pakistan PM Imran Khan, who has been spinning false narrative about Kashmir to gain international attention after its integration with India, has cited several falsehoods -  from there being genocide in the region to vehement protests being carried out against India. The PM in his own country is mockingly labelled as the selected Prime Minister than an elected one, meaning a puppet chosen by the Pakistan Army than through a democratic process by Pakistan's people. Imran Khan's duplicity has been exposed in a viral video where he slams the Pakistan Army for its 'crime against humanity' in Balochistan and acknowledges the bloodshed that was carried out in Bangladesh. Imran Khan makes several accusations against the Pakistan Army in the undated video ranging from bombing of civilians including women and children, displacement of two million people, and zero accountability of the situation by the ruling government.

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Read Imran Khan's attack against Pakistan Army 

"In 1971, when Pakistan Army took action against East Pakistan I was standing with the Army that they are brave soldiers doing a great job against (unclear) terrorist. In three years, we realised they butchered civilians, journalists... And we are doing the same thing in Balochistan, we are bombing people, how can we bomb our own people? Is there any army you are bombing? It is our own people with their children. But for us it is very important to understand are we just bombing our own people, just think about the immorality of bombing villages with the women and children. No one talks about six million people who are being bombed, their economy is destroyed, they are living in refugee camps, there are two million displaced in Pakistan, how are they surviving? All under the (unclear) Taliban. and how many extrajudicial killings are going on? How many times have you heard so many militants killed? Has there been any verification of identification? This is a crime against humanity that is going on."

Watch Imran Khan lashing out at atrocities by Pakistan Army below

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Balochistan's protest against Pakistan

Balochistan activists have constantly charged Pakistan of human rights violation in the region, to the point of even demanding secession from the country. Several international events by Pakistan have been eclipsed by protests by the activists from the region. News media organisations have come across several videos showing the blatant lack of concern for human lives by the Pakistan Army in Balochistan. However, since his ascension to the post of Prime Minister, Imran Khan has remained silent on the very same issue he had raised his voice emphatically against in the past. 

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Pakistan's dossier at UNHRC

The video of Imran Khan attacking Pakistan Army has gone viral on a day when his country presented a dossier at a session at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, over Kashmir's integration with India. Pakistan prepared a dossier on Kashmir in a last-ditch attempt to propel their propaganda against India at the UNHRC. It presented a 115-page dossier against India's abrogation of Article 370 and alleged atrocity in Jammu and Kashmir quoting Congress' Rahul Gandhi and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah in its cover page. 

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