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Pakistan Politician Shares GTA-5 Game Video, Calls It A 'miraculous Save By Pilot', Netizens Have A Field Day

Written By Koushik Narayanan | Mumbai | Published:


  • Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, the Secretary-General of the Pakistani Awami Tehreek shared an animated video of a plane almost colliding with a fuel tanker on a runway, which he believed to be real
  • Netizens had a laughter riot at the leader's post while some went on to point out that the video was animated and was from a video game or a movie

Netizens had a laughter riot as the Secretary-General of the Pakistani Awami Tehreek Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, shared an animated video on Twitter from what possibly could be a GTA 5 video game, and said that a 'great disaster was averted', thinking it was a real incident that occurred. 

Gandapur shared an animated video in which a flight dramatically avoids collision with a fuel tanker that stops in the middle of the runway as it takes off in the nick of the time before it could have come in contact with the tanker. The half-baked knowledge of the secretary general was out on display as most of the people who viewed the video could clearly distinguish it as a visual from a video game, unlike the Pakistani politician. The leader captioned the photo, saying that the alertness of the pilot saved the day which otherwise would have witnessed a 'great disaster'.

Watch the video shared by the leader below: 

Netizens replied to the post shared by the leader, mercilessly criticising him for being unable to differentiate between what was real and what is virtual.

While some of them took to patiently explain to the leader that the video was from a game or an animated movie, the rest went on to tease the leader for his lack of common sense and sighting capabilities.

Read some of the reactions below: 

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