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'Trump Is Confused, It Was Hafiz Saeed Who Asked Him To Mediate': This Pakistan Journalist Is Bashing Trump-Imran Khan's Nonsensical Meeting Left And Right

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • A Pakistan journalist has roasted Imran Khan and Donald Trump over their meeting at the White House
  • She has highlighted that the real power centre at the meeting from Pakistan's end was Army chief Bajwa
  • She has suggested an alternative as to who asked Donald Trump to mediate in the Kashmir issue

US President Donald Trump's bizarre, unsolicited and ignorant attempt to wade in to the Kashmir issue as a mediator has been met with shock and awe even within Pakistan, which, Imran Khan's clampdowns on media freedom notwithstanding, has been highlighted effectively by prominent Pak journalists online, as well as by a number of Pakistani citizens.

One Pakistani journalist has piece-by-piece highlighted the nonsensical nature of the developments that unfolded during the Donald Trump-Imran Khan meeting at the White House on Monday, with hilarious effects.

On Trump's claim that PM Modi asked him to mediate the Kashmir issue, which has been fervently denied by the Indian government, journalist Naila Inayat writes:

This comes just a few days after Donald Trump had once again displayed ignorance by tweeting that Hafiz Saeed's sham arrest by debt-hit and globally-pressured Pakistan came after a 10-year-long search and 2 years of US pressure.

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The next tweet alleges a plot, likely related to Pakistan's debt woes:

Next, she posts a picture of Trump meeting what many see to be the real power Centre in Pakistan:

Finally, she has a translation of what Imran Khan means when he's begging for outside intervention to rake up further trouble in Kashmir:

On Monday evening, as Imran Khan, embarrassingly chaperoned by Army chief Bajwa, met the US President, even he appeared to be taken aback by Donald Trump's impromptu offer to mediate the Kashmir issue, and furthermore, by his assertion that PM Modi had invited him to do so when they had last met - something that has been rejected by the Indian government which has upheld its long-standing position against third-party involvement in the Kashmir issue and called for Pakistan to end cross-border terrorism before any engagement on the topic. 

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