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VIRAL: Pakistan Bride Wears 'tomato Jewellery' To Mock Country's Economic Despair

Replacing her earrings, necklace, and bangles with tomatoes instead of gold, the Pakistani bride took a dig at the country's dwindling economy.


A Pakistani bride was seen as daunting 'tomato jewelry' as the price of both gold and tomato are soaring in the country. Replacing her earrings, necklace, and bangles with tomatoes, the Pakistani bride took a dig at the country's dwindling economy as the prices of tomatoes cross Pakistani Rs. 300 mark in markets. In the viral video, the bride speaking to a Pakistani reporter further said that even her brother sent her pine nuts as a wedding gift. Trolling Pakistan's economic situation, the bride said that she got boxes of tomatoes from her parents as a wedding gift. 

She said, "The price of gold is expensive, and now even tomatoes and pine nuts are expensive. That's why I am wearing tomatoes instead of jewelry." "Parents who have given tomatoes to their daughter have given everything," she added. 

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Armed guards to protect tomatoes

Last week, Pakistani media reported that armed guards have been hired by farmers to protect tomatoes, as the prices touched as high as Pakistani Rs. 320 in Karachi. Earlier the Imran Khan-led Pakistan government even considered buying tomatoes from Iran. As per international reports quoting the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the average maximum national price of tomatoes was Rs 180 per kg, and it was being sold at Rs 300 per kg across multiple regions of Pakistan. The prices have been affected due to a lack of imports from India, reports suggest. Amid economic turmoil and high tomato prices, farm owners have hired armed men to protect their farms. 

Not just imports but multiple factors have affected the low supply of tomatoes, including Pakistan's government policies and the heavy rains which affected the crop, as per reports. Reports have also suggested that the suspension of trade with India over the issue of Kashmir has also been a reason for the rising vegetable prices in the Pakistani domestic market. A partial reason for the supply gap has also been the lack of imports from Wagah border from India, reports said.

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