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WATCH: Former Pakistan Ambassadors Call For Armed Uprising In Kashmir, Cite 'international Law'

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

In a shocking clip that demonstrates just how consumed Pakistan is in its war-mongering, three former Pakistan Ambassadors have openly called for support for armed resistance by the people of Kashmir in the wake of the abrogation of Article 370 by the Indian government. Speaking on a live television broadcast moderated by Pakistan journalist Hamid Mir, the three former Pak Ambassadors jointly said that the world must support the armed resistance by people in Kashmir. 

A clip of the same was posted by Hamid Mir on his Twitter handle in which former Pakistan's ambassador to the United States Ashraf Jehangir Qazi said that picking up guns is "justified" during armed struggle.

"... if you pick up guns and engage in armed resistance, it is justified. If they seek help from other countries for their justified 'Jihad', then it is legal," Qazi said speaking in the matter. 

On being questioned if Pakistan and PoK have the right to help people of J&K,  former high commissioner of Pakistan to India Abdul Basit claimed that the entire world has the right to help the J&K. He went on to make another bizarre statement, saying that it is the duty of the world to help J&K in its "armed struggle" also. 

"Under international law, people who are struggling from detention in Jammu and Kashmir can seek help from any country in the world. And it is the duty of the world to help in armed struggle," Basit claimed. 

Responding to the claims made by Basit on Kashmir's armed struggle, Hamid Amir posed a question to former Pakistan Ambassador to India Shahid Malik, asking "Does the international law has the right to help Kashmiris in its armed struggle?"

Shockingly, Shahid Malik also agreed to the claims made by his countryman, saying that the "group" facing struggle has the right the seek help from other countries under the international law.

"Under international law, the group which is facing the difficulties has the complete right to seek help from other countries and no one can question the support," Malik said. 

Watch the video here:

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