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WATCH: Pak Army Drill Goes Horribly Wrong As Jeep Turns Turtle During Mock Rescue

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Author Tarek Fatah has highlighted a highly embarrassing moment for the Pakistani Army. 

In an undated video he has re-shared on Twitter, the Qamar Javed Bajwa-led Pakistani Army is conducting mock rescue drills for an audience of VIPs. The drill involves rescuing a school bus.

As the video begins, a large ground can be seen in front of the stands where the viewers are seated. A large school bus is driving across the ground, emitting green smoke in copious quantities, presumably on fire.

First, two motorbikes driven by Jawans round the bus, presumably clearing a path for the heavier vehicles to take position. Then, a number of open-topped jeeps carrying security personnel rush to surround the bus. The one that passes behind the bus, however, turns turtle as it rounds the bus with too much momentum. However, the other jeep comes to a stop, the soldiers remove rescue ladders and head towards the school bus to undertake the rescue drill. Only one soldier attempts to check on the toppled jeep.

Soon but belatedly, however, soldiers from the stand also rush towards the jeep. 

It is unknown at the time of publishing if there were any injuries in the accident.


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