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WATCH: Pakistan's Viral 'Tauba Tauba Tamatar' Reporter Is Back And He's Not Changed One Bit

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

The Pakistani reporter who had gone viral on the Internet in India for his impassioned freight train-esque 'Tauba Tauba' rant during a live tv broadcast after India imposed additional duties on the export of tomatoes across the border has returned.

The reporter's latest clip, which has gone viral once more, sees him repeating his antics from the earlier video, only this time, he's reporting from the field.

The broadcast took place on Pakistan's Channel 42, and in it, the viral 'Tauba Tauba Tamatar' reporter is making many of the same threats that he had made in the previous video, about Pakistan and its army being ready to make India do 'Tauba Tauba'. Interestingly, the 'facts' he is putting out seem to still be completely off point.

As can be seen below, the video has gained quite a bit of traction:

The earlier video had shot to the top of the social media viral charts. The reporter in question, then inside his channel's newsroom, had embarked on a seemingly unending diatribe at India, opining that India had done a bad thing by stopping the supply of Tomatoes to Pakistan and that if India thought that such tactics would work against Pakistan, it was mistaken. His exact words were to threaten that Pakistan would answer India's Tomatoes with Nuclear bombs.

However, it wasn't merely his threats that tickled netizens, it was also the fact that he kept pulling at his ears and repeating 'Tauba Tauba', at one point, five times in a row.

Here's the first video: