A Mother's Heartwarming Message For Fellow Mums Goes Viral

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A young mother from Wisconsin, Shelby Beck, had posted a message on Facebook that was for fellow parents,asking them to not shy away whenever they needed help.

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A young mother from Wisconsin, Shelby Beck, had posted an equally sweet and a key message on a social media platform that was directed towards fellow parents, asking them to not be shy whenever they needed help. This post dates back to the month of August and talks about Shelby's interaction with some other mother on an outdoor bench.

A heartwarming gesture

Shelby said that while she was seated outside with her child, a fellow mother came up to her and hesitantly asked if she could have some sunscreen cream for her toddler. The mother asking for the cream repeatedly apologized for what was considered embarrassing according to her.


This particular interaction was a cue for Mrs. Beck to share this incident in a post on her Facebook handle. The post stated: In the morning I saw a mother playing with her child as went back and forth, with the child held firmly against her chest. After some time I looked up to find her walking towards me. She gave a sigh and softly asked me if she could have some sunscreen cream for her child as if it was shameful for her that she forgot to pack the cream today out of all days. In her post, Shelby directly addressed the mother she had an interaction with and other mothers. stating that no one should be afraid of asking for something when in need and every single one should work towards helping parents whenever required. 

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The "Maternal" Connection

Her post further contained encouraging messages that said people should ask for snacks, diapers or wipes or basically any baby essentials without any hesitation. She also said that parents should feel free to ask if their child could play with her while they searched for a suitable and comfortable spot to sit down and care for their child. She also wanted other mothers to ask her to click pictures of them along with their babies as they all knew that there weren't enough pictures to show.

The heartwarming post also said that although they did not have any relation, mothers should ask for love, help or any other thing that would benefit them. Shelby added that it is a tough task to look after a baby but it can be eased out if collective help is provided.

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This lovely post garnered a lot of attention and witnessed a lot of nice comments in the comment box. One stranger even replied by saying that this world needs more of such posts. Another user said that it was amazing to see someone starting this act of kindness and this proves that one step can lead to many more benefitting people along the way.

Shelby Beck proved to be a person with a golden heart as she said that irrespective of where they came from, everyone was in this together. 

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