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After Escaping Prison, Inmate Asks Stranger For Lift. Turns Out To Be A Cop

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

A jail inmate who escaped from authorities and tried hitchhiking along a highway didn't enjoy freedom for long, because the motorist he flagged down was a law enforcement officer. 31-year-old Allen Lewis was being transported on Tuesday to face charges in another county when he told the officer his handcuffs were too tight. The officer pulled over, and Worthington said after one handcuff was released, the two struggled, and Lewis got free.

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As search parties were sent out to find the prisoner, Greenup County Jailer Mike Worthington said that the inmate made it to a nearby highway and tried to flag down passing cars for a ride. After some time, someone did stop to offer him a ride but little did Lewis knew the man was an officer himself!

This officer noticed the handcuffs hanging off one of Lewis’s wrists and stopped to enquire before offering him a ride right back to jail.

“It was a campus police officer,” Worthington said, noting the officer was an employee of Morehead State University. “He (Lewis) thought he was getting a ride, and he did,” the officer added.

The man is now not only back in prison but is also facing additional charges for escaping.

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Earlier in December, in an interesting turn of events, a male fugitive in the United States has won the hearts of local police for his epic response to a 'wanted ad' on social media. Richland Police Department in posted an ad on social media as a part of its “Wanted Wednesdays” bulletin in which it announced that 38-year-old Anthony Akers was wanted by the Washington state Department of Corrections for failing to comply with sentencing. 

“Wanted Wednesday! Anthony Akers (38) is wanted by the Department of Corrections for Failure to Comply. If you have any information please call 509-628-0333,” the department’s Facebook post read. 

A few hours later, the man in question himself responded to the Facebook post, asking the Richland police to "calm down", and stating that he was going to turn himself in.

However, a couple of days later when the fugitive did not show up at the station, Richland Police reached out to him via the same Facebook thread. In the comment, Richland Police informed Akers about their operation timings and even offered to give him transportation. To the message by Richland Police, Anthony Akers replied back stating that he will surrender in the next 24 hours.