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Alligator Clamped In Teeth On Handler's Hand, Zoo Visitor Jumps Inside To Save Her; Watch

The alligator is seen rushing towards the handler and grabbed onto the handler's hand who was demonstrating, watch the struggle of the women and know more


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A bone-chilling incident that was filmed at Utah zoo after spotting an alligator controller’s life was in jeopardy and was saved by a zoo visitor, which shocked the people around the internet. As seen in the video, an anonymous individual acted after witnessing the reptile attack a female handler. 

The alligator was being cared for by an employee at Scales and Tails in Utah. She also does public demonstrations of the reptile's skills. 

On the other hand, the alligator clamped its teeth on the instructor just when she tried to drop her hand down to her side while demonstrating the reptile. The alligator is seen rushing towards her and grabbing onto the handler's hand. She was fighting to get free as the alligator latched onto her hand. 

Brave act of zoo visitor

The alligator was crowded with many visitors who noticed the incident, among them one of the visitors acted quickly with utmost bravery to help the female employees who were then struggling with alligators.  

Donnie Wiseman, the man who leapt inside and got on top of the reptile. After a little struggle, he was able to free the staff's hand from the grasp of the animal's jaws. The visitor was eventually able to rescue the victim with the assistance of another employee. Donnie can be seen clutching the reptile for almost a minute as the handler's hand stays in the alligator's mouth.  

The alligator was seen thrusting its body back and forth. After then, the handler was free to remove her arm. Even after the women were taken from there it is seen that the man spent a couple of more time with the alligator for his own escape from the enclosed glass cage. 

Take a look at the video: 

The event was documented on the Scales and Tails Facebook page. The zoo expressed gratitude to those who assisted the handler following the event on Saturday. 

The zoo authorities expressed their gratitude especially to Donnie Wiseman and Todd and Amy Christopher by thanking them. In a post, the authorities wrote that they wish to express their gratitude for their bravery. Working with these creatures has inherent dangers, which they as employees are willing to accept. They even prayed that this kind of incident must never happen.  

Further, it was written about the fact that one of the zoo’s gator handlers was attacked by a big alligator, things went downhill quickly. These gentlemen might have remained in the safety zone like most of the people, but rather voluntarily rushed into the danger and assisted in the capture of the alligator.  

After suffering wounds to her hand, the female employee was brought to the hospital. She expressed gratitude to the guest for his assistance. 

By watching the video many has expressed their surprised feeling in the comment section. One of the users wrote, "That man is a HERO!!! I saw this on the world news!! What if he hadn’t been there? He was quick to respond, brave, strong, quick and agile, and saved her life. Where were the rest of the zoo workers??!! He risked his life to save her. God Bless him. Thankful for the other man who pulled her out too. I’m glad she is recovering. How traumatizing for her and for the children to see too." While another wrote, "Those men deserve something for their bravery."

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