ASIO: Threat From Extreme Rightwing Terrorism In Australia Increased

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Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation released a report issuing a warning about the extreme right-wing terror groups in Australia and is 'probable'.

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) released a report issuing a warning about the extreme right-wing terror groups in Australia, the report read that “extreme rightwing groups in Australia are more cohesive and organized than they have been in previous years”. According to the report, the current national terrorism threat level remains to be Portable. Following this, the Australian spy agency informed the global media that there has been an increase in the number of threats from extreme rightwing terrorism in Australia and will continue to be an “enduring threat”. 

Rightwing terrorism continues to elevate 

The recent results and the comments have escalated the concerns of national security and the rising rightwing extremist terrorism. The extreme rightwing terrorism continues to elevate even after the Christchurch massacre. During the massacre, 49 people were killed praying in two mosques in the Christchurch. The massacre was executed by a 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant which re-established the scrutiny of the far right. 

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National terrorism threat “probable”

The report reflects that the national terrorism threat remains to be “probable”. Australia faces regular threats inspired by individuals. The report said that “the principal source of the terrorist threat remains Sunni Islamist extremism and emanates primarily from small groups and individuals inspired, directed or encouraged by extremist groups overseas”. The report says that in order to execute successful attacks, the target groups remain to be crowded and public places. It also said that “Any future extreme rightwing-inspired attack in Australia would most likely be low capability and conducted by a lone actor or small group, although a sophisticated weapons attack is possible.”

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Influence of offshore terror groups

According to the report, there have been 7 terrorist attacks and 16 major terrorism counter disruptions since September 2014. However, there was a sharp decline in 2016 in the terror attacks and disruptions but terror-related incidents occur regularly. Terror incidents are influenced by offshore terror groups. Many Australians prefer to travel offshore to Syria and Iraq conflict zones. These people instead of traveling, plan to undertake terror attacks onshore. 

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