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Australia: Teenagers Fill Car With Koalas To Save Them From Bushfires

As Australia fires unprecedented bushfires and record-breaking heatwave, another video surfaced online showing rescued koalas in a car to protect from blazes.


As Australia fights unprecedented bushfires and a record-breaking heatwave, another video has surfaced online showing rescued koalas in a car to protect from angry blazes. The short video was posted on Reddit reportedly filmed in Kangaroo island, known for its rich biodiversity where two boys managed two save nearly 20 koalas. According to international reports, the wildfires have killed more than 20,000 koalas but 19-year-old Micah and 18-year-old Caleb played their part in saving the left population of the species. 

Out of the total Koalas they rescued, six were orphaned and two of them were mothers with children. Reportedly, the teenagers will not only take care of the marsupials but will also ensure their return to wildlife once the situation is contained. The boys have refused to take the koalas off the island because according to them it would further have an adverse effect on the already decimated population of animals. 

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Boys left the 'okay' animals

Some international reports also say that Micah and Caleb decided to leave the animals who 'seemed okay' on the criteria of a number of burns the animals suffered. The most vulnerable ones were, however, saved. While the teenagers were trying to save the animals, they also saw the massive destruction of life, infrastructure, and ecosystem on the first-hand basis. Reportedly, around 60 per cent of the koalas they came across were 'burned to death' and the one-fifth of the animals they saved, died in just 24 hours due to their injuries. 

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While most people are doing their part to save the population of animals, recently a hunter also became an unlikely hero for risking his life, entering unsafe areas of Victoria and save koalas. According to Patrick, he rescued a total of nine koalas from almost certain deaths by venturing into eucalyptus forests in Mallacoota, East Gippsland. While talking to local media, he also said that he found the first koala under the pump of a water treatment plant. That first koala spurred Patrick into action and then he continued to find 8-9 more. Australia is battling one of the hottest days of the season with temperatures rising up to 40-degree Celcius.  

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