Australia: Woman Finds A Python In Her Bathroom Twice In Two Days

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An Australian woman Nicole Errey who resides in Cairns said that was astonished on finding two pythons in her bathroom over the weekend after she came from work

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An Australian woman was astonished on finding two pythons in her bathroom over the weekend. Nicole Errey who resides in Cairns said, she came home from work on Friday and went to her bathroom where she saw the snake poking its head out from inside the toilet. According to media reports, Errey said that she came from work and went straight to the bathroom. She said her toilet lid was open and when she looked she only spotted a dark slithering thing in the toilet before she realised it was a python.

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Two snakes in two days

Carrey then called up the Cairns Snake Removal who later shared a picture of the huge water python on their Facebook page. The officials said that by the time they arrived the snake moved out of the toilet and reached the basin.

Similarly, on the following day, Errey's sister entered the bathroom and found another python there. She was shocked at the sight, and the coincidence. Cairns Snake Removal shared a picture of the second snake with a caption "What nightmares are made of". "Two nights in a row I have been called to the same Whitfield property for a snake in the toilet... In all my time I have pulled several snakes out of toilets. But never 2 in 2 days at the same address."

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The Facebook post has now received hundreds of comments

The Facebook post has collected hundreds of shocking comments. A user wrote "My Worst nightmare" and another user said "How freaky".This is not the first time the Australian snake removal authorities have been forced to pull out pythons from toilet bowls. In 2018, Cairns Snake Removals said that they get snakes in bathrooms especially during the dry season while sharing images of a python in a bathroom.

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