Australian Woman Found After CCTV Shows SOS Scrawled On Earth

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An Australian woman was found after CCTV shows SOS scrawled on earth. The area was searched for three days before she was rescued through the CCTV footage.

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After a man remotely monitoring security footage saw an 'SOS' sign scrawled on his property, the area was searched following which an Australian woman lost for three days in a dense bushland was found on October 15. The woman named Deborah Pilgrim reportedly went missing on Sunday while camping with friends about 100 kilometres from the South Australian state capital of Adelaide. Deborah Pilgrim, 55, was lost while she was taking a walk outside her campsite. Although police and emergency services personnel, as well as a rescue helicopter, were called in to search the remote area, but she remained missing.

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The woman's rescue

It was only after a man remotely monitoring CCTV footage of his property near the South Australian search area, noticed an SOS sign etched into a dirt driveway near his unoccupied home that the woman was found on Wednesday. After seeing the SOS sign, the man immediately alerted the police, who found Pilgrim on a neighbouring property where she had located water close to midnight. After being found, Pilgrim told the local media that the moment of her rescue was overwhelming. She added that by the time she was rescued, she nearly dropped to the ground. The incident stirred the locals who live in the area. Local media interviewed both the man with the CCTV and the rescued woman to get their response on the unique incident.

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The man with CCTV speaks on the incident

The man whose CCTV did the wonder was named Neil Marriot. Speaking on the incident, he said that he was quite glad that his CCTV cameras had picked up Pilgrim's distress signal. He had only recently had the security system installed after several recent break-ins, he added. Neil Marriot said that he was relieved to see the woman in a sound condition as he was fearing the 'worst'.

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