Beer-guzzling And Brick-smashing Chinese Worker Becomes Twitter Sensation

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Hebei Pangzai who is also known as 'Fatty from Hebei province' has become a twitter sensation for his tornado beer-drinking and brick-breaking skills

Written By Riya Baibhawi | Mumbai | Updated On:

Hebei Pangzai who is also known as 'Fatty from Hebei province' has become a twitter sensation for his Tornado Beer-Drinking and Brick-Breaking skills. The 34-year-old Chinese labourer, who does odd jobs to earn his living has 133k followers on Twitter who are all drawn to his unique skills.

Doesn't want to be an influencer

Hebei Pangzai whose real name is Liu Shichao hails from Zhengyuansi, a nondescript village in China. He first became popular when he shared an old video of himself in August on Twitter. It went immediately took the internet by storm, gaining 12 million views a very less time. The video showed him opening a beer bottle with a chopstick and mixing the beer with several other liquors, including baijiu, a potent Chinese liquor made from grain. He further lighted the concoction and used his finger to carry off a bit of the flame to light his cigarette before drinking the whole thing. He hasn’t revealed how he logs on Twitter from an area where social media is banned. 


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The mason first got onto a Chinese video-sharing app Kuaishou in 2016. While talking about it, he said that one of the initial videos he saw was a brick-breaking video. He added that those videos seemed fabricated to him and he thought about doing a real one. He later also started making drinking and cooking videos.

At the peak of his fame on the Chinese internet, he had more than 400,000 followers and he also earned from it. When he held live broadcasts, he could earn up to 300 yuan ($42.62) on a good day. He is still sceptical about becoming a social influencer. He said that people cannot depend on social media for a living adding that this was only for his free time. Last week, three of his American followers also visited him in his village this week. 

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