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Bengaluru: Five Terminally Ill Kids Turn Police Commissioner For A Day

Written By Tanima Ray | Mumbai | Published:


  • Bengaluru City Police allowed five terminally ill kids to play the role of the Commissioner for a day.
  • The move was a result of a joint initiative by Bengaluru Police and Make-A-Wish India.

In a heartwarming move, Bengaluru City Police allowed five terminally ill kids to play the role of the Police Commissioner for a day on September 9. Fulfilling the children's life goals, the Police Department let the kids dress up as Commissioner, wearing neat khaki uniforms with badges, shoes, and belts. The initiative was a joint effort of the Bengaluru Police and Make-A-Wish India Foundation, which works to fulfill the wishes of children with life-threatening diseases.

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A day as Police Commissioner

The kids, including four boys and a girl, were given a ceremonial welcome by the police on their arrival. This was followed by a tour in which they were shown the Police Control Room and Dog Squad. To make it more real and exciting, they were also given walkie talkies and ride in the Police jeep. Later, the department served them a scrumptious snack to binge upon. Also, Bangalore Commissioner Bhaskar Rao pinned the kids with Guard of Honour at the end of their visit.

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Volunteers from Make-A-Wish India initially visited all the five children who were being treated in different hospitals in Bengaluru. It is during their meeting that they found out that the kids were inspired by actors who played Police Officers. This led them to fulfill their innate wishes. Speaking of his organization's motive, Deepak S Bhatia, CEO of Make-A-Wish India, said that they wish to grant the innermost cherished wish of a child as it has a very positive impact on the child, his or her family and all concerned. 

Thanking the Police for their cooperating, Bhatia said that he is very grateful to Commissioner Bhaskar Rao for the memorable experience he gave them. He adds that the move helped them to move towards their aim of transforming lives, one wish at a time.

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Photos of the event go viral

Snaps of the event were uploaded by Bengaluru City Police on their official Twitter account. Since then, the photos has been widely shared. Twitter users have lauded the department's benevolence. 

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