Brown Bear Released After 15 Years Of Human Prison, Moved To Mini-zoo

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A brown bear who had been serving a prison sentence in a human jail has been released after 15 years and will be moved to a mini-zoo at a recreation centre

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:
Brown Bear

A brown bear who had been serving prison sentence in a human jail has been released after 15 years and will be moved to a mini-zoo at a recreation centre. Katya, the brown bear, was reportedly sent to a Kazakhstan prison in 2004 after she was found guilty for attacking two people at a campsite in two separate incidents. The bear with a criminal record ended up in Kostanay which is a strict regime penal colony. 

A spokesperson while talking to an international media outlet said that Katya will now learn to live in almost natural conditions. A statue was even built at the prison to honour her. The spokesperson further added that the penal colony where Katya had been living had a pool where she could play, swim and sleep nearby. Valentina Dmitrienko, head of the Abskhino recreation centre reportedly said that Katya is mixing well with other bears. According to an international media outlet, the mini-zoo now has three bears, along with wolves, a camel, a pony, a donkey and a yak. 

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Brown bear attacks trainer

In a similar incident, a circus in Russia left the audience ruffled and frightened after a brown bear, amid an act, suddenly turned violent and mauled his trainer. In a video shared by RT, the giant bear could be seen pinning the trainer to the floor, causing panic amongst the audience, who filled the room with screams. The incident occurred in northwest Russia's Olonets town amid a circus that found no barriers between the audience and the stage. 

In the video, that is now viral, the brown bear after pushing the wheelbarrow as a part of the show, suddenly grabs on to the trainer and weighed him down on the floor. Following which the trainer's help came to his rescue by kicking the bear in an attempt to stop the mauling. RT reported that there were no serious injuries involved in the trainer or the bear. The bear is reportedly no more a part of the show. 

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