Cambodian Opposition Leader Sam Rainsy Lands In Kuala Lumpur

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Sam Rainsy, the Cambodian opposition leader landed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport and posted a tweet for his supporters asking them to stay hopeful.

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:

Sam Rainsy, the Self-exiled Cambodian opposition leader landed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport on November 9. He posted a tweet for his supporters asking them to stay hopeful as they are on the right path. Rainsy did not confirm whether he will go back to Cambodia. He said that he could not confirm the news, but is not even denying the possibility. 

Rainsy blocked from boarding Thai airways

Rainsy and other members were blocked from boarding a Thai airline flight to Bangkok from Paris. One of the officials from Rainsy’s party in Thailand reported that none of them would return back on Saturday. Rainsy and his supporters wanted to enter Cambodia through the land borders it shares with Thailand. But Malaysia does not share any boundary with Cambodia, and they had to land in Kuala Lumpur. 


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Rainsy announced his return on Twitter

Rainsy had announced on Twitter that he would return to Thailand to face arrest after he suffered several people targeting the opposition activists and the members of his banned party were detained by the Malaysian authorities. Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen accused the members of the banned Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) of conspiring against the government and said that all the members who will try to enter the country will be taken into custody. Sam Rainsy, who is the founder of CNRP tweeted on November 6 that he will leave Paris on November 7 and reach Cambodia on November 9. 

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Sam Rainsy will not be able to step in Thailand

But Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said the founder of the Cambodian opposition Sam Rainsy will not be allowed to enter Thailand. The statement came after Sam Rainsy announced his return to Cambodia via Bangkok after the protester exiled himself. Prime Minister Prayuth acknowledged the relationship of Thailand with Cambodia only as fellow members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Prayuth further said that since the nations are members of ASEAN, the nations will not intervene in the matters of internal affairs and the government of Thailand will not permit any anti-government protesters to use Thailand for activism. The Prime Minister has released order and Sam Rainsy will not be able to step in Thailand. 

Saory Pon, the General Secretary of the Cambodia National Rescue Party Overseas told the international media that, they will return to their mainland as some of the members of their party have faced harassment and have been taken into custody. 

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