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Canada: Man Breaks Into Property, Leaves Behind Photocopy Of His Face

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Published:


  • A man broke into a commercial property in Toronto, ate food and left a photocopy of his face behind.
  • Gary Samuel Lambe was arrested on August 31 for an “unrelated matter”.

In a bizarre incident, a man from Canada allegedly broke into a commercial property in Toronto, ate some food and further made a photocopy of his face which he left behind for the owners to find hoping the police won't be able to locate him. The Toronto police released the photo on August 24, asking the general public for help in identifying the suspect. 

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54-year-old Gary Lambe was arrested on August 31 for an “unrelated matter”. He has been charged for breaking and entering a commercial property and for failing to comply with his probation period. On September 06, the Toronto police released another notice where they posted an update on the case and stated that Lambe had been arrested. The police also thanked the public for their help as he was identified with the tips and information provided by the members of the community. 

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Amateur criminals

This is not the first time that a criminal has amused the police and the public. In another bizarre incident, a woman from Lousiana who was wanted for a second-degree was apparently unhappy with the pictures officials used on social media asking people to help them identify her. The suspected woman allegedly commented on her own mugshot saying “That ugly picture”. The Crime Stoppers also responded saying “Precious Landry you are always welcome to head over to the Sheriff's Office and take a new picture if you want”.

Another fun story where a German bank robber sent mocking emails to the local police where he mocked the police efforts to arrest him. He first let the officials know that the information that they had was completely wrong. He later also corrected their announcement that he had escaped on foot whereas he had a gateway car. The German police arrested the man a few hours later by tracking his location through his emails. 

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