Canada: Man Tells Chinese Woman 'you Dropped Your Coronavirus' As Racism Spikes

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Recently, in an act of racism, a White man in Canada was filmed telling a Chinese-Canadian woman that she had dropped her coronavirus in the parking of a mall.

Written By Vishal Tiwari | Mumbai | Updated On:

As the deadly coronavirus has spread across the world, rising racism cases against Chinese and Asian communities are also being widely reported. Recently, in an act of racism, a White man in Canada was filmed telling a Chinese-Canadian woman that she had dropped her coronavirus. According to media reports, the man said, "You have dropped your coronavirus" in the parking lot of a mall. The video is being widely circulated across various social media platforms with many people calling the man ignorant and racist. 

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Growing racism against Asian communities

Not just Canada, the cases of racism have come under light from countries like Italy, Australia, and Malaysia. As per media reports, a patient in Australia's Gold Coast refused to shake the hand of her surgeon just because the doctor was of Asian descent. Dr. Rhea Liang shared the incident on her social media handle where she said that the patient refused to shake her hand citing the virus that has killed hundreds and added that her first reaction was that of a shock. But after the surgeon's post was flooded with a ton of comments, she learned that her experience was all too common. 

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In Italy, a family, based out of Turin was accused of carrying the deadly virus because of its Asian facial features. In Milan, the level of racism has gone up to the extent that mothers are reportedly taking to social media to call for children to be kept away from Chinese classmates. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, over 5,00,000 people signed an online petition asking for a ban on Chinese nationals entering the country. The title of the petition says, "bar Chinese people from entering our beloved country."

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China is gripped by the deadly coronavirus since December last year and according to the latest media reports, the outbreak has claimed more than 630 lives in the country alone and the confirmed reported cases have reached up to 30,000 as of February 6. The disease is believed to have originated in a seafood market in Hubei's Wuhan city, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, where animals were being traded illegally. As per US CDC, confirmed cases of the virus have been reported in 27 other countries.

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