Canadian Man Drinking Beer In Middle Of Dorian Takes Internet By Storm

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While the world has stayed indoors and canceling fights amidst the Hurricane Dorian, a Nova Scotian man posted a picture with the Canadian flag facing the storm

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Canadian man posted a photo while Drinking Beer in Hurricane Dorian

While everyone in the world stayed indoors and canceling fights amidst the Hurricane Dorian, a Nova Scotian man posted a picture with the Canadian flag facing the storm and drinking beer. The people behind the picture are Logan White, who's in the frame while his girlfriend Katelyn Wyne snapped the shot. Logan posted the photo with a caption that said, “Dorian? Never heard of her”. This has fueled netizens to call him a “priceless man”. The monumental photo posted on September 8 has gone viral and received hundreds of likes and comments. 

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"Logan is a legend"

Netizens found Logan's picture as a surprise, because of the man's unphased attitude towards the Category 5 storm. One Facebook user called it a “wicked shot” and says that the post is epic. One of them even posted a joke about the difference in attitude between the Americans and Canadians in the face of danger. The joke inclines towards the general perception of the people that Canadians are not scared easily when any alteration in the situation comes. Most of the netizens believe that the picture White has posted is “pretty epic”. One of the users even said that the picture just made their day. 

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People went on to say that the post is priceless. One internet user also denoted the photo as the "Canadian photo of the year 2019". People went on to comment that Logan White is also a priceless man. One comment read that both the storm and the man are legendary and that Logan is cast out of iron. Furthermore, Logan was also called the "Canadian ambassador" and he would love to buy a beer for the man in the frame. Some of the netizens were even speechless and said that the picture is "monumental" .

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The story behind the picture

Reportedly, Logan said that he and his girlfriend were tired of seeing the flag just lying out their window for months. So one day, he took it out and fastened it to a broomstick. Katelyn was reluctant to face the storm and they had stocked up beer prior to the storm and he choose the one he is holding in the picture. Evidently, the water's edge was only minutes away from his home and Logan knew it would be appropriate for a unique shot like this one. Already knowing the direction of the winds, Logan held the flag in the correct direction leading to a photo, which is viral now. Logan reportedly knew the terrain of the water's edge and has faced stormy weathers in the past so it was not very difficult for him. 

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