Canadian PM: Plane Crash Victims Could Be Saved Had US-Iran Tensions Not Escalated

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Justin Trudeau stated that the victims of the Ukraine plane shot down by Iran would have still been alive if the tensions had not escalated between US and Iran.

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:
Canadian PM

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on January 13 stated that the victims of the Ukraine plane which was "accidentally" shot down by Iran would have still been alive if tensions between the United States and Iran had not escalated. While talking to a local media outlet, Trudeau said that if there was no recent escalation between both the countries, passengers of the ill-fated aircraft would have been with their families at this point of time.

The international community was clear from the start

According to reports, the Canadian Prime Minister also said that the international community from the start had been very clear about needing a non-nuclear Iran and also manage tensions in the affected areas that have been brewed by the United States as well. After Iran made a huge admission on January 11, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau renewed his call for answers from the Islamic nation. He termed Iran’s admission as a “serious” and “horrific” act. Trudeau also narrated his experience from the meeting with the plane crash victims’ families.

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Iran must take full responsibility

Earlier, Trudeau in a public address asserted that Iran must take full responsibility for the plane crash. He said that the families of the victims are hurt, angry and grieving. The people who were responsible for spreading fake information should be held accountable as well, the Canadian PM added.

“The families of the victims of this horrible tragedy must be supported in any way deemed appropriate and desired by the families, including through restitution,” Trudeau said.

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A senior Iranian air force commander took the "full responsibility" for the missile attack that downed a Ukraine International flight on January 8 and claimed 176 lives. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, Commander of Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), addressed the media in Tehran on January 11 and said he “wished he was dead” upon learning of the Ukrainian jet downing. Iran's Prime Minister Hassan Rouhani apologised for Iran's terrible mistake.

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