International Crime Gang's Stolen 10,000 Archaeological Artefacts Recovered

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Carabinieri Police recovered around 10,000 archaeological artifacts that were stolen by an International Crime gang from the ancient archaeological site

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:
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Carabinieri Military Police recovered around 10,000 archaeological artefacts that were stolen by an International Crime gang from the ancient archaeological sites of southern Italy and later sold the archaeological goods which were estimated to be worth millions of euros. The Carabinieri Military Police had put the artefacts on display on November 18.

Police raided 80 sites

The police officials told an international news agency that they raided 80 sites in Italy, Germany, Serbia, France and Britain. There were 23 people accused of the crime, who was arrested by the police after the recovery of archaeological artefacts. The Crime gang responsible for the offence operated on the outskirts of Italy and carried out their operations in the archaeological sites where the explorations were still going on. 

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Investigation reveals method of stealing

The Police officials informed that they were tracking the group since May 2017, through phone tappings and CCTV footage of the areas of crime. The investigation revealed the method of stealing the artefacts and then selling them abroad. The police found terracotta vases, jewels, painted plates and brooches among the stolen artefacts which accounted for seven million euros. 

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Images captured by drones

According to the Police statement, there were several images captured by the drones which depict the violence of the clandestine digs undertaken by the crime gang. They used an excavator to dig the grounds with enormous brutality. Some of the areas which were ransacked dated back to the 4th and 5th centuries BC, when the coast of Italy was occupied by the ancient Greek colonies. The artefacts were sold by the middlemen who have established their business in various parts of  London, Munich, the French city of Dijon and Vrsac in Serbia. The team of officials who found the artefacts said that Calabria, is a rich heritage site for the artwork and objects which are sold in the clandestine market for artwork. 

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