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China Celebrity Dog, 'Juice', Has A Clone Now Called 'Little Juice'

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:

Juicy, a Chinese movie celebrity dog, who draws six figures, has been cloned.

The nine-year-old celebrity dog was known to have a hard time maintaining his career, with his growing age.  

The dog's owner and trainer, He Jun, said that Juicy is unable to reproduce as he was adopted as a stray and neutered on arrival. Hoping to carrying forward the celebrity dog's legacy, now her genetic clone is called Little Juice. 

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The owner told the media that Juice is an intellectual property having a social influence. 

A biotech firm, Sinogene was hired to clone the canine, that is known to offer pet cloning services since 2017. 

Now you can have a clone of your pet, (just) at $US 55,000.

While China has laws for using animals for research purposes, there is no law regulating animal cloning. 

In the case of Juice, the biotech company acquired genetic samples from his lower abdomen and fertilised an egg with the DNA. A beagle carried the fertilised egg. 

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Little Juice although has not begun with her celebrity career, but the owner is of the belief that he will be a bigger celebrity than Juice

Cloning seems to be normal in China, with their booming biotech industry. Earlier a lab in Shanghai produced the world's first monkey clone. 

The first successful cloning was of 'Dolly' the sheep, that happened two decades ago. Although the Scottish sheep, Dolly, died at an early age, the sheep's offspring is known to live longer. Now cloning has actively become a commercial industry