China Likely To Pass On Trump's Invitation To Probe Bidens,experts Say

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If China was to act on US President Donald Trump's random request on October 4 to launch an investigation into Democratic opponent Joe Biden and his family

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As per reports, If China was to act on US President Donald Trump's random request on October 4th to launch an investigation into Democratic opponent Joe Biden and his family, it will be violating the self-imposed rule that China does not interfere in other nation's internal issues. Beijing may not gain much by helping Trump underestimating a political rival in the wake of a trade war between the two countries. 

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China unlikely to interfere in US Politics 

Reports indicate that impeachment inquiry in US congress for pushing Ukraine's president to investigate the Bidens. Trump has amped up the controversy by calling on China to begin an investigation into 2020 presidential hopeful Biden and his son Hunter.  Beijing has had a traditional policy of not interfering in other countries' political affairs. Jeffrey Bader who is the former special assistant to President Barack Obama for Asia reportedly has stated that Beijing does not want to be involved or seen as being involved in the US presidential elections. 

Wang Yi who is the Foreign Minister of China has reiterated several times last week around United Nations General Assembly that China would never meddle in the internal affairs of the United States and that his country trusts American people are able enough to sort out their own problems.

Although it may be making more sense for China to withhold any sensitive information it may have on Trump's opponent in order not to increase Trump's re-election chances says Shih who is an expert on China affairs in the University of California. Shih said that Trump has soured US-China trade ties more than any president since Nixon. Reports say experts remark that Chinese may be willing to help Trump to get a better trade deal but doubt that they will directly meddle in US politics.

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Trump's request can further jeopardise Trade talks

Meanwhile,  Trump request could be a disaster in the making for trade policy trade experts reportedly say. Officials from China and United States are slated to meet in Washington DC next week to negotiate a thaw in the trade war which has been boiling on for months now and has resulted in billions of dollars in tariffs and is threatening to slow down Economic growth. The president's comments can be suggestive of an attempt to draw a connection between trade talks and domestic politics. The source said that Mingling his own country's domestic politics with valid concerns about China's trade practices is not a good premise for getting a big deal done. Beijing barely has responded to Trump's barrage of attacks. 

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