'Cancel Weddings, Scale Down Funerals': Chinese Officials Try To Curb Coronavirus Outbreak

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As China grapples with the outbreak of coronavirus, authorities have asked people to cause a delay in their weddings and families to scale down funerals

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As China grapples with the outbreak of Coronavirus, authorities have asked people to cause a delay in their wedding ceremonies and families to scale down funeral services in an attempt to slow down the spread of the viral outbreak. The current death toll stands at 259 whereas the number of confirmed cases was almost touching 11,000 in China.

China asks people to delay nuptials

In a statement, the Civil Affairs ministry stated people having marriage registrations scheduled for February 2 are advised to cancel or delay their nuptials. According to reports, February 2 is considered very lucky for weddings because the sequence of the date aligns as 02022020 and if someone reads it back then the same sequence of number aligns.

The ministry further added that it would shut down marriage counselling services on a temporary basis and also asked people to not conduct banquets. They also asked people to hold funeral processions in a simple manner to avoid a large number of people attending the service, adding that any victims of the Coronavirus should be buried as soon as possible.

Schools and universities across China have been asked to stay shut and people have been advised to avoid crowds at any cost. According to reports, more than 50 million people in the Hubei province, where the Coronavirus was first detected, are under complete lockdown after authorities cut off all transportation links in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus.

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Africa incorporates measures amid fear of Coronavirus outbreak

With China reeling from the Coronavirus outbreak, Africa has taken measures to curb the viral outbreak of the disease. According to reports, Liberia's government has stationed nurses at airports across the continent to check for anyone showcasing symptoms of the disease. The government has also suspended Chinese entry visas. Although, there has been no confirmed case in the African continent trade relations between Africa and China have raised concerns over the outbreak of the disease.

With the World Health Organisation declaring the Coronavirus outbreak as a global health emergency, China called for international solidarity and asked countries to avoid overreacting on the situation.

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