China Promotes Nature-based Solutions To Tackle Climate Change

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China promotes nature-based solutions for fighting against climate change; the initiative is to gain attention at the UN Climate Action Summit on Monday

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In a position paper published on Wednesday, China has stated that it will try and convince other countries to come forward and support “nature-based solutions” to fight the cause of climate change. The statement came ahead of the United Nations Summit that is to be held in New York. This initiative by China is to gain attention at the UN Climate Action Summit which will commence on Monday. China seeks to stand out in the UN summit as the environmental groups also expect it to deliver achievable and ambitious pledges to address the increasing change in the climate.

China contributes to “multinational climate process”

According to the statistics, China tops the list as a source of greenhouse gas emission. However, as reported on Tuesday, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment decided not to make any new promises to reduce Carbon dioxide emissions. The Ministry, however, is looking forward to fulfilling its pledges to the Paris Agreement and also supporting the global movement to fight climate change. China will extend its support to the “multinational climate process” along with other countries.

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Nature-based solutions

The previous approach of China to resist climate change was a failure and the country suffered diminishing results. Initially, China decided to reduce carbon emissions from the heavy industrial sector, subsequently keeping up elevated amounts of monetary development and maintaining its GDP. The country suffered only through losses. China has now decided to “proactively promote” solutions that will help recharge the nature like reforestation and increase in the land cover for grasslands and wetlands. China seems to go back to the traditional methods to save the planet from climate change. According to the records, the overall forest reserve of the country has increased by 4.56 billion cubic meters from 2005 to 2018. Forest land covers only 23 per cent of the total land.    

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Tackling climate change

The Ministry further said that Beijing, the capital of China, will also invite other countries at the UN summit to “fully consider the potential of the natural system to alleviate climate change and promote adaptation, while formulating climate change-related policies”, to the international media. The report also discussed the future objective of Beijing to extend carbon sinks equipped for engrossing ozone-depleting substances from the environment, work to cap fertiliser use, increase the rate of waste utilisation generated at the livestock farm and also promote more use of biomass energy. 

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China set to take the lead

Kunming, the capital of southwest China's Yunnan area, is set to host a noteworthy UN meeting one year from now to arrive at another worldwide post-2020 agreement to ensure biodiversity and the environment ministry wants “nature-based solutions” to be part of the new deal. The senior climate adviser Li Shuo, who works with the Greenpeace group, said that China is eager to bridge the gap between protecting that natural ecosystem with the bigger issues of climate change. Cristiana Pasca-Palmer, executive secretary of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity told the international media that extending financial support would be a noteworthy segment of the new understanding, including that the "signals are good" for a strong arrangement to be settled, with China set to take the lead.

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