China: Woman Spots 'human Faced Fish', Netizens Call It 'scary'

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A woman in China spotted a fish that looked like it had a human face on its head. When looked closely the fish has markings that look exactly like nose and eyes

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:

A woman in China's Miao Village spotted a fish that looked like it had a human face on its head. In the viral video, the fish can be seen swimming up towards the shoreline with markings that look exactly like eyes and nose. The fish is believed to be a koi carp as the markings on the fish are very similar. The woman who captured the video can be heard saying, “The fish has turned into a fairy”. The video shared online has received comments like “scary”. One netizen also commented that the fish “looks like a ghost carp”. 

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'Dinosaur-like fish'

Oscar Lundahl who is a guide at Nordic Sea Angling at Lofoten Islands in Norway caught a weird 'dinosaur-like' fish off the island of Andoya in the northern part of the country on September 15. The fish had huge bulbous eyes which made Oscar jump out of his boat in surprise on seeing it. Later, the fish was identified as a Ratfish which lives in deep water and is distantly related to sharks. Unlike rats, the fish is harmless to humans and got its to name due to its long, thin tail. Scientists said that the fish has large eyes as it helps it to see in this dark in deep waters.  


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'Snakehead' fish

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division, a northern snakehead fish was found earlier this month in a Gwinnett County Pond. It is the first time the species has been reported in Georgia waters according to the reports. The department is trying to identify if the fish has spread from the pond as it looks to prevent the species from reaching other bodies of water in Georgia. According to a survey conducted by U.S. Geological Survey, the thin, long fish looks very similar to a bowfin and is dangerous to wildlife because it can out-compete or displace other species in the water. As per the survey, if the unique species produce more offsprings, it could disturb the food webs and create an imbalance to the ecological systems that could leave a permanent change to other species in water bodies. The northern snakehead fish is a native to East Asia and is sold in pet-stores, live-food fish markets, and restaurants in some major cities before 2002 when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service added the species to its list of injurious wildlife. 

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